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• New webpage »

Skjerping Farm presents a new homepage february 2010.


• Wireless internet »

One of the facilities are wireless internet in all the buildings.


• Appartment in Bergen »

During the summer the appartment in Bergen City is for rent to!






How to order


You can either send an email to or contact us by phone:






Skjerping gard

c/o Ellinor Skjerping
5282 Lonevåg
Tlf: +47 56 39 02 91

Mobil: +47 91 34 99 25
Telefaks: +47 56 39 25 67


Please spesify the apartment that You are interested in. You can also rank them, in case Your first choice is occupied.















Different activities for kids and adults are possible on the farm and in the area. At the picture below you can see a small kid getting a ride with the "farmer".






Fishing - good possibilities in the fjord.

Walks - in beautiful nature.

2 canoes – for rent.